About Ann

Hi, I’m Ann,

I’m a twenty-something millennial, blogger, sister, daughter, friend, artist, and photographer!

Random facts about me below.

  • I love tax season.
  • I’m an introvert.
  • I spent half a year in Panama learning Spanish.
  • I’ve had many jobs, from barista to receptionist to my all-time favorite — landscaper. 
  • I have right-left hand confusion. (What does that mean? 1 in 10 people will get confused if you ask them to raise their right hand.)
  • My first car was a silver 2005 Ford Taurus (Why would you care? I don’t know. Just sayin’)
  • I play fingerstyle guitar.

My secrets

If you want to blackmail me, get out a pad of paper and pencil.

Here goes…

I have tendencies I have to fight tooth-and-nail.

  1. I’m a dreamer – my head is bursting with ideas but I usually peter out of energy.
  2. My knowledge of website design is atrocious for a blogger. I’m learning HTML + CSS but have only scratched the surface.
  3. I’m totally conventional and fight change
  4. I’m not sure this blog will live longer than a week. (Will I change my mind, realize what a waste of time it is, and get a refund?)

That’s pretty much me

If you’ve read this far, good going! Nice to meet you etc etc.

Now go check out the rest of the website, like how I make passive income, and my uber-secret upcoming project that I’m thrilled about.