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How to Sell Calendars with

My story

I literally created an account on twenty minutes ago.

Why, you ask? Considering we are on the cusp of the New Year, 99% of people have already bought their 2020 calendars. Why create a calendar now?

That’s fine, I don’t mind. But I watched a video about creating your own photo calendars, and wanted to get my feet wet designing a calendar.  Also, selling online calendars is one of my online passive income streams of 2020.

How to Create a Calendar

I went online to and created an account. Quick and easy.

Then I clicked on Create Custom Photo Calendars. 

The website has tons of design options, but I just chose the first one > Standard Photo Calendar.

The process is intuitive and easy. I named the calendar, then uploaded 12 of my best photos I took of landscapes when I was in Panama.

Then I put captions on all the photos and hit SAVE. 

After that, I created a price for my calendar. The website takes a certain amount of $$$, and you can decide how much you want to make off each calendar.

I marked mine up $3.00 for the large calendar and $4.00 for the small calendar. 

My absolute favorite thing about this website is that they give you HTML text that you can paste into a widget on your website. That’s why I’ve got a teeny cute little calendar on the right side of my website.

To sell directly from your website, fill out the details on the pricing page.

Then to your right, click the Embed button. It will bring you to a page with two embed codes, one for a large image and one for a small. I copied the small code, hopped over to my WordPress dashboard, went to Widgets. I dragged an HTML box into my sidebar, and pasted the code into that box. 


The website pays you by check or Paypal. I set it up for Paypal because it’s easier. No sales yet, but hey, it was fun and might bring in a little passive $$$.

I’m guessing that if you are 1) sincerely passionate about creating interesting calendars, and 2) use a good marketing tool like Facebook, you could make decent $$$ from selling calendars near the end of the year. 

What do you think? Ever designed a calendar? I’m guessing there are other websites out there for designing/selling calendars.

Hope I’ve been an inspiration 😉