What’s it Like to Work for Cambly?

Is Cambly legitimate? What’s it like?

Don’t wanna hear my detailed Cambly experience? Read my nutshell:

Cambly is legitimate. It pays better than almost every other online gig I’ve tried. It doesn’t involve too much equipment or preparation, and it doesn’t require a huge time commitment either. Cambly is one of the lowest stress gigs I’ve ever found online.

Pay: About $10.00/hr

Stress level: Low. You can schedule tutoring sessions OR log on whenever you have a free 30 minutes.

Experience: No degree required, no experience required. Just solid English skills.

Tech requirements: Fast good internet and working computer. (Headset is optional and appreciated.)


Scoot below for my detailed experience with Cambly. 

My Personal Experience Working For Cambly.

In 2018 I quit my job as a barista to spend 6 months in Boquete, Panama. I lived off savings for those six months, and while I was there, I met a guy who tutored online through Cambly. He highly recommended it to me.

I didn’t think $10.00 was amazing, but it was better than $0, so I Googled Cambly. Turns out you DON’T have to interview – all that you need to do to be accepted is submit a short introduction video.

It sounded simple enough to me, although it feels really weird (to me) to talk to my computer. You are allowed to delete and retry, which I did about 10 times.

After 10 times of recording my nervous, stuttering intros, guess what?

I chickened out.

I didn’t try Cambly again until over TWO MONTHS later, after I had returned to the US and it was time to rejoin the workforce. This time, I was desperate. I recorded an intro video. It wasn’t amazing, but it got the job done.

If I remember right, it went something like this:

“Hi, I’m Anna! I was born in the United States. In 2018 I spent 6 months in Panama learning Spanish. I also spent a lot of my time helping people in Panama learn English! I realized how much I love tutoring people in language learning. Some of my hobbies are guitar, watercolor painting, and healthy eating.

Thanks for watching! I’m so excited to tutor for Cambly.”

After that, I clicked the big red Submit button and held my breath.

How much time did it take to get accepted?

I submitted my intro video on May 27.

On July 4 I received my acceptance email, so about two months of the review period. I heard about one lady who heard back within a week, and another person who heard back about four months later. I’m assuming it depends on how many applications Cambly receives.

Hilariously, even though I was thrilled to be accepted, I was terrified to tutor. I didn’t actually get up my nerve to log on to Cambly  until two weeks later *groan.*

Why Cambly is special

Listen up guys,

This is one of the most amazing things about Cambly.

Cambly requires far less work than any other tutoring platform.


Because you don’t actually tutor.  All you do is chat. All of my Cambly students were advanced English learners. I could easily converse with them about anything. I didn’t need to slow down my speech.

So don’t freak if you think you’re a terrible teacher. Doesn’t matter.

I used to say, “I can talk to anyone about anything for forever.”

With Cambly, that’s all I had to do.

My first student!

Before logging on to the tutoring platform, I skimmed the tutor guidelines. I remember laughing when I read that some students will be lying in bed when you talk to them. The handbook said that doesn’t they aren’t serious language learners, and it’s not inappropriate either – that is the culture in some countries.

Hilariously, the first student I spoke with was a man from Egypt, laying in bed! His English was excellent but he had a thick accent. I tutored (yes, I say tutored, but it was really just conversation) for two hours.

Basically, there are two ways you can tutor.

  1. Mark your profile as available to teach. Students will see your face come up and can click on you.
  2. Schedule “Priority Hours” ahead of time. You should strive to keep these appointments so Cambly likes you;)

For both options, students can choose how long they talk to you. I spoke with some people for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and one man I spoke to for 45 minutes.

I spoke to students from Turkey, Egypt, Germany, Brazil, Greece, and more. ALL of them spoke good or excellent English. They wanted to perfect their English, practice, and get rid of any accent.

My first day tutoring was a Sunday afternoon. The very next day, I logged onto my email and saw that a Cambly payment had been deposited in my PayPal! I was stoked.

Cambly pays very reliably, every Monday, and will deposit the $$$ into your PayPal account. (If you earned less than $20, the money will sit with Cambly until you’ve earned enough to roll into your PayPal account.)

Is there inappropriate behavior?

Occasionally, if you tutor for Cambly, you may run into inappropriate behavior.

I never had a bad experience, but I’ve read about them online. Keep in mind – you aren’t under obligation to stay online with anyone you aren’t comfortable with. During one session I sensed things were going downhill, so I clicked “end session.” I don’t think Cambly will penalize you for that.

During another session, a man started down a conversation path that was, well, “irrelevant,” shall we say. I knew he was a serious English learner, so I simply said, “That’s not what we’re here for. Back to learning English….” Etc. Stand your ground.

So yes, be watchful for anything inappropriate but don’t let that scare you off. Overall Cambly students are motivated, focused English learners.

What’s Cambly Kids?

Cambly Kids pays a little more than Cambly, roughly $12.00.

To get accepted to Cambly Kids, you need to tutor on Cambly for awhile. After you have “proved yourself,” Cambly may send you an email inviting you to audition for Cambly Kids.

It’s similar to the Cambly intro video, but you need to pretend you are tutoring an actual young child.

I honestly haven’t tutored for Cambly Kids yet – after two months of Cambly tutoring, I received an email to audition for Cambly Kids. I was too busy and haven’t done that yet. Once I try Cambly Kids I’ll post a full review here.

The One Downside of Cambly

Cambly is low-stress, doesn’t require a degree, and super flexible. It also looks great on a resume if you want to try for VIPKid, MagicEars, or DadaAbc.

The only downside to Cambly is that you don’t get raises. There really isn’t any benefit to working long-term for Cambly.

Honest Opinion of Cambly

I highly recommend Cambly.

  1. Work at home
  2. Low stress
  3. Flexible
  4. Decent pay
  5. Easy work (especially if you like talking)
  6. Great cultural experience to meet people from all over the globe

What do y’all think? What’s your opinion of Cambly?