Transcribing for Rev? Here’s the scoop.

Ever thought about working for Rev?


Run for your life! Rev transcribing is frustrating and the pay is atrocious. 

Pay: Depends on how fast you work. At my fastest, I made almost $3/hr. (No joke.)

Stress-level: Low. There is no one breathing down your back – you can transcribe anytime.

Tech requirements: An internet connection and computer. (A headset is helpful, too. I used my Longitech headset from Amazon that I bought for ESL tutoring.)

My Revver Experience

About a month ago I heard about Rev and took the test.

The test isn’t difficult. You need to pay attention and take it slow, but if you are a native English speaker, it should be a cinch to pass with 100%.

About a week after taking the test, I received an email that I had been accepted to Rev! Whoo hoo! (I thought…)

I logged on to Rev and filled out the personal information forms. Rev links to PayPal, and they pay every Monday.

Practice audio transcription

The first three audio files I transcribed were about 1 minute long, as part of Rev’s training process. I learned Rev’s style rules, which are easy to master. Compared to other websites, Rev’s rules are easier to memorize and their software is intuitive to use. 

Rev actually paid me to complete the 1-minute training videos, which I appreciated. It was only a few cents per file, but hey, that’s okay.

The real thing – transcribing audio files

My first “real” transcription file was 25 minutes long. (There is a confidentiality agreement you will need to sign – you can’t discuss the audio files you transcribe.)

Rev pays per audio minute, NOT how long it takes you to transcribe. I found that,

1. People talk all over each other.

2. Most people sprinkle their sentence with an excessive amount of “like’s” “you know’s” “and kinda’s.”(I found myself laughing at how many times we speak in run-on sentences that make almost no sense.)

3. It takes a while to figure out what people are saying. 

*Note* You do NOT listen to files and type everything you hear. Rev has computer software that “listens” to audio files and creates a transcript. All you need to do is correct the text if the computer gets it wrong. (And oh, does the computer ever get it wrong sometimes, lol!)

After I finished my 25-minute audio file, I submitted it. It was graded within twenty minutes and I got 5 stars for accuracy.

The audio file took me about 3 1/2 hours to transcribe. It paid $10.45. That’s $2.98/hr. 

My next audio file was about the same length, took 4 hours, and paid $11.81 in total, so $2.95/hr. 

After that last payment, it was over.

I shut my computer, pulled off my headset, and declared to one and all, “I am FINISHED transcribing for Rev.”

The work is not particularly difficult, but it is frustrating and the pay simply does not compensate well.

Do people make legitimate money with Rev?

According to their website, many people use Rev as a side hustle. The website boasts testimonials of people who apparently love Rev because it allows them to work from home. That is baffling. If I worked full time for Rev, I calculated that I would make $480/month. That isn’t even enough to pay a month’s rent.

My only guess here is that once you become a higher-up Revver with consistent 5-star accuracy, your pay increases. But think about it….how much is $3.00/hr going to increase?

*One way to earn more with Rev 

I just hopped over to the Rev website. (Rev also pays to caption videos, but the pay to caption English-spoken videos is the same as transcription, hence, bad pay.)

BUT, if you speak another language, the pay is 3-7 times higher. Rev pays about $1.00/audio minute of English captioning, but $3.00-$7.00/audio minute of foreign language captioning.

Do I recommend Rev?

After such a scathing review, you think I’ll say no, don’t you?

The answer is…it depends. Rev is a great, low-stress way to “get your feet wet” transcribing. It’ll look good on your resume if you want to try for a higher-paying company. 

But, if you think you found a great “side-hustle” think again. I’d ONLY recommend Rev as a “stepping stone” to another transcription company.

Any thoughts? Anyone make good money with Rev? Comment below.